One of the most purest and most prized vineyards in the Dão, Quinta do Perdigão, has truly developed winemaking into an art form. With carefully, hand‐selected grapes, the very exclusive wines using noble Portuguese grapes create rustic and pure gastronomic concoctions bursting with flavor and mystery.

Organically-certified, sustainability is all about "doing what we can for our environment, and for those around us. We believe that if everyone did just a little bit, this world would be so much better...so we do what we can to keep our little bit of the world beautiful, wild and free. We know this doesn't belong to us. We are just here to look after it for a while. So when someone drinks a glass of our wine, what they are really doing, in a very small way, is contributing to all of this." Jose & Vanessa Perdigao.