Quinta do Fojo


We like to go as old-school as we can get. And for the Douro, that's Quinta do Fojo.

Led by Margarida Serodio Borges, the Fojo vineyards have been over-delivering some of the most impactful red wines from the Cima Corgo region...shockingly, in only 5 vintages.

Big, concentrated, penetrating wines were immediately recognized coming out of the gate in 1996. Five vintages later, Quinta do Fojo goes on a hiatus, until now.

While we will begin focusing on older vintages (1999 & 2001), the winemaker will release its first "Fojo" wine since 2000 this year - the 2013 vintage. Stay tuned.

Older vintages from the Douro are not only a rarity, but a treat. These, sustainably produced under Integrated Production practices, are drop dead gorgeous with fruit galore, elegance throughout and a finish that reminds us of why Douro is royalty. Truly intellectually stimulating wines with a dynamic that is ever-evolving.

Absolutely to drink...and hold for years to come.